On 19 January 2021, the Presidium of the Polish Academy of Sciences appointed the Committee for Social Communication and Media Sciences by the resolution No. 1/2021. Thus, a relatively young scientific discipline - the first entry in the scientific classification, at that time media sciences, appeared in 2011 - received a formal confirmation of its scientific status.
Currently, the Committee is located at the Division I of Humanities and Social Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences, and its members are appointed by the Dean of the Division. The Committee is chaired by Prof. dr hab. Iwona Hofman - Director of the Institute of Communication and Media Studies, Maria Curie-Skłodowska University and President of the The Polish Communication Association.
The Committee has the following tasks: to prepare a report on the state of the discipline, to analyse the value of information, to evaluate changes in the media system in Poland and to draw up recommendations on the use of digital media in research and scientific communication and education.
The establishment of the Committee is of great importance for the media studies environment, as the discipline contains paradigms of three disciplines, previously present in the classification of sciences, i.e. the sciences of cognition and social communication, the media sciences, bibliology and informatology. It can be assumed that it will be a platform uniting researchers and facilitating the creation of scientific networks, which is evidenced by the unequivocal support of deans of faculties and directors of institutes from 21 universities in Poland conducting media studies research and teaching.